ƃoן suıɐʇdɐɔ

pain is only temporary, quitting lasts forever


Marijuana portraits shot for CNN.
Denver, CO (2013)

By @velo_steef: We thread our way through expanses who’s scale puts us in our place, and we are grateful that our trespass is allowed. August 26, 2014 at 10:05AM http://ift.tt/1vjmcX3

untitled by maipenrai enopy on Flickr.


my bf knows how to sail and stuff so we were going to fuck on a boat so when we sailed out to somewhere isolated we started making out pretty intensely and i kissed his neck and earlobe and whispered “aye aye captain” and he said “i can’t hear you” so i said it again and then he fucking went “oooooooooooooh” and started singing the fucking spongebob theme song i wanted to kill him

Carbon carbon carbon SRAM carbon
Giant trail bike with shimano xt, fox suspension, and giant dropper post
Do want
Vintage Bianchi mountain bike, flimsy as hell
Lol nice rack
Kettler aluminum made in Germany, surprisingly light.
I like to ride this one to the market, or the ice cream shop.

Luke is the general manager at the shop I work at and Nicole is my 2nd cousin/his girlfriend. I’m staying with them until I can find a house in this godforsaken town.  I made a queue of individual pictures from that photoset of my favorites. just thought I’d share this stupid shit I have to look at every day.